The holding Kapital stroyindustria company has been operating on the construction market for more than 20 years as the leading Russian company in production, sale and leasing of formwork systems and related products for situ concrete construction, and also produces many types formwork equipment for the precast concrete industry. Objects of construction: residential buildings and constructions, industrial complexes, buildings, industrial and power engineering constructions, bridges, overhead roads, viaducts, tunnels, hydro-engineering constructions, hydropower stations.

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Gravimetrically manufacturing, aluminium and steel formwork systems under the order and rent for monolithic construction are the main areas of our work. The company produces the sale of melkisarovo and krupnomerov the formwork walls, columns, floor slabs, lift shafts, tunnels, foundations, bridge piers of different configurations and types, as well as all the necessary components.

The mobility of the structure, maintenance works in the complex – the cornerstone of the business Capital of the construction industry and it helps to have more than 20 years to hold a steady reputation in the market.

The production capacity of the holding Kapital Stroyindustriya is located in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. All enterprises of the company complement each other, thereby reducing production costs and reacting quickly to changes in the industry.

The results of the work of Capital building industry are highly appreciated by our customers and partners. The company is a holder of many diplomas, awards, commendations and certificates. Multiple winner of competitions and public recognition of quality on a wide range of works. A part of the Union of construction associations and organizations.

Drawing on diverse experience and knowledge of employees, of group companies Capital building industry achieve results in all spheres of its activities. Many employees of the Capital construction awarded honorary certificates and government awards.